Top 5 Writing Tips

top 5 writing tips

So you wanna be a writer? These top 5 writing tips will help you out.

There are thousands of writing tips, articles, blog posts, books, and opinions out there on how to write. And what to write. A budding writer might be tempted to throw out the keyboard after reading just a few. There are so many things you HAVE to do or NEED to know. It’s really quite overwhelming.

Yet, here you are, reading another “Writing 101” article. Desperate for some glimmer of hope for your writing career. After my description, you might be tempted to lump this article in with the rest.

Au contraire, my friend.  This post is about encouragement.

Just like everyone else, I have a list of a few writing tips to help you become a better writer. And just like everyone else, I will number them. Because…that’s what writers do.

(If you read that last sentence in Thor’s voice, I already love you.)


1. Don’t Give Up

I know, I know, I’m a genius with advice. But seriously. Trying to be “The Best” writer out there can be discouraging and really beat you down.

Don’t give up.

Persistence is where the gold is. No matter if people discourage your writing, keep writing. You will only get better by writing, writing, and more writing.

(If you need encouragement from a fellow, struggling writer, head over to the Contact page and shoot me a message.) :]

2. Write What You Want

You could spend your entire career trying to guess what people want to read. Instead, just write the story YOU want to read. There will be other people in the audience who feel the same as you, I promise.

Sure, if you want the latest and greatest best seller you might try to project what people are interested in by what the past best sellers did. But usually, the trend has passed by then. And let’s be honest, does that really give you joy?

You started writing because you had a story to tell. So tell it.

3. Tell It The Way You Want

If writing is perfect, it’s going to sound like a textbook. For example, I don’t have “perfect” grammar. I sometimes end sentences with prepositions. I sometimes start them with conjunctions. But you know what? That’s how people actually talk. And that’s MY style.

Sure, you probably want to make sure you don’t have run-on sentences, things are spelled correctly, and your sentence structure and punctuation get the correct point across. But there are some things you can fudge the rules on.

Writing is expression. No one frowns at professional artists if they color outside the lines. Write what you want to write how you want to write it.

4. Write Anything

A blank page is very intimidating. But fear of writing something stupid is even more so.

You have to get over that.

Half the time you’ll write something down and it won’t be great…at least, not right away. There will be lots of editing and rethinking. Other times you’ll write something and you’ll be so happy with your little story. It doesn’t have to do anything or go anywhere to just bring joy to you.

Getting words on a page is infinitely better than not writing out of fear. It doesn’t have to sound good, just get it out of your system, then have a clear mind to either edit or move on to a new story.


“But my writing isn’t as good.” “People have already written about my idea.” “That person’s writing is so much better.”

Stop. It.

First up, you stare at your writing until all the words sound wrong to you. It’s predictable, it’s not exciting, it’s this, it’s that. Listen to me for a moment. YOU wrote it. YOU know what’s coming next. YOU’ve read it a million times. Yeah, maybe it’s lost its thrill value for you. Not for a new reader.

Second of all, if someone already wrote a book with a dragon in it…is that going to stop you from using dragons in your story? No! Because it hasn’t been written by you! Your dragons look different. Your dragons act different. It’s the same with any story element. It may have been written before, but it hasn’t been written by YOU.

Thirdly, writers write differently. Everyone writes differently. Yes, one person may have technical training, but what if that’s not the kind of writing you want to read? Or they wrote a story you don’t care about?

It’s all about style. As long as you have the basics down, you just write in your style. People will like it, and people will hate it. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. Your style or story is just not their style.

Final thoughts

The world needs your writing. You are an original and your ideas matter. Take your style, take your story, and run with it. I bet there are others out there like you waiting for a story like the one you’re writing. And if all else fails…you wrote your story for you. And you like it.

There are many writing tips, tricks, and words of advice out there for writers. Read it or don’t read it. Implement some things, but ignore others. Just stay true to yourself and don’t get overwhelmed. You’re writing your story, and that’s what matters.



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