Glider – Part 1

glider part one

A short story about three heroes stuck in an elaborate trap, and one desperately watching from below. A single glider is their only hope.

Lux, Dana, and Ainara were trapped at the very top of the crane. Stuck on another building, Flint desperately tried to find a way to get them down. The crane tilted and swayed amongst the tumult of the waning battle and wind, but the steady ticking of the bomb between the three of them and a way down could still be heard loud and clear.

“Any ideas?” Lux asked, pulling at his red hair as if he could pull an idea out. His sleek, bronze armor accentuated his bronze freckles. Ainara looked nervously at the bomb as she thought, also playing with a strand of her own black hair.

“Throw it over?” she offered.

“The blast could be big enough to still take out the crane, plus there are still civilians below us. Could we diffuse it?” Dana suggested. Her navy blue stealth suit complimented her dark skin.

“We could try,” Ainara responded, but then looked at Lux.

“If we mess up, the person diffusing definitely won’t make it,” Lux replied. “And the rest would have a very slim chance in a free fall once that support is gone.”

“It probably has a minor explosion set up as part of the diffusion which would still send the crane down. Waiting it out won’t help though,” Ainara pointed out, meeting Dana’s brown eyes with her own.

“At least we’d have good conversation be the last thing on our minds,” Dana said as she gave a weak smile. Then she frowned at Ainara. “You have your glider still?” Ainara spread her arms a little, and the green wings on her back flared out slightly.

“I do, but it’s only rated for my weight, and it has a few holes so I’m not even sure it’ll hold me,” Ainara stated. “Plus, I’m not leaving you guys up here.”

“Ainara, this isn’t an option,” Lux demanded. “You have an opportunity to go, take it.”

“No, I can’t do that!” Ainara exclaimed, crossing her arms.

“You know, you wouldn’t have a choice if we just pushed you off,” Dana threw out. Lux gave her a dirty look.

“Flint, any chance you have a chopper nearby?” he asked over the comm.

“I wish,” Flint said through their earpieces. “My closest one is five minutes out and that bomb says you only got two.”

“Two minutes,” Ainara whispered. She looked up at the other two. “Well, that’s long enough for goodbyes.” Ainara quickly turned to Lux and wrapped him in a hug.

“I’m not planning on spending my last few moments crying, so don’t make this too emotional,” Lux argued. Ainara hugged him tighter.

“Come here,” Dana smiled. Ainara always enjoyed Dana’s hugs. She was like the older sister Ainara always wanted. As Ainara pulled back, Dana looked her in the eye. “I wish you didn’t have to be so brave.”

“You taught me how though,” Ainara replied, shrugging. Then she looked back seriously. “You know I love you guys, right? You’re my family.”

“Of course,” Dana replied, trying to keep a smile. She pushed a black strand of hair out of Ainara’s face.

“Flint,” Ainara started to say over the earpiece.

“Stop it, we’re gonna find a way to get you down,” Flint interrupted. “Maybe if I can get enough rope for you to climb down…ugh, but how would I get it to you?”

“We only have a minute,” Ainara argued.

“I’ll find a way, I’ll find a way,” Flint repeated.

“Flint,” Ainara called. “I love you, and I’ll see you on the other side.” Suddenly, Ainara turned and weaved her way through her friends toward the stem of the crane.

“Wait, Nara, what are you doing?” Flint demanded. Ainara tried to move as fast as she could without falling.

“Stop!” Dana called, starting to follow her. Lux rushed forward and pursued Ainara.

“What is that girl doing?” Flint said over the earpieces.

“I’m doing the only thing I can,” Ainara argued. She jumped a small gap and tested her glider. It barely caught the wind. “Shoot,” she muttered. She reached the bomb and looked down at it. It was bigger than she was thinking.

“Ainara, you don’t have to do this,” Lux said, he couldn’t make it across the gap she used her glider over.

“I know,” she replied. Ainara carefully unstrapped the bomb and held it.

To be continued…

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© 2020 Ariel G. Wach

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