Charmed – Chapter 8 – The Answer

Charmed Chapter 8 The Answer

Twila gives the Charms an answer, but first, she must deal with an old family friend. And protect Hunter.

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Twila’s old family friend grins as he realizes he has a bargaining chip because of her feelings for Hunter. Hunter still stands in front of her, trying to shield her.

“Let’s make a deal,” Cairo proposes. “Hear me out now.” He flashes his arms out to the sides and a flat, purple floor overtakes the grassy hill.

“Wait!” Twila exclaims, looking around and seeing purple walls growing out of the purple floor. In an instant, they’re trapped in a shimmering purple battle arena.

“He’s really good,” Hunter whispers, right as Twila grabs his shirt, bringing his head close to hers.

“You can’t help me with this,” she urgently states.

“But he’s-”

“I’m not risking him coming after you and your family,” she whispers back. “Yet another reason why I can’t come to France.” She purposefully looks away from his pained gray eyes.

“It’s a new trick. Do you like it?” Cairo calls, gesturing at his magic arena. “Now, give me your magic, and I’ll let your boyfriend go free.”

“We’re not…”

“We haven’t…um,” Hunter and Twila start to object as both of them furiously blush.

“You’re kidding,” Cairo responds deadpan, taking in their embarrassed reactions. “Just make it official already and get it over with.” He rolls his eyes and charges Hunter.

“It’s unbelievable, make him invisible!” Twila shouts, pointing at Hunter who suddenly vanishes from view.

“That won’t stop me for long,” Cairo scoffs, turning to Twila.

“Please, Uncle, just give this up already. They’re not coming back,” Twila pleads. Cairo sends a magical energy blast her way which she dodges.

“I can have ultimate power to undo the terrible things in the world,” he retorts, shooting another blast. “And you refuse because you like doing party tricks?” Twila dodges again and aims her fist at him.

“Ignite!” she calls with her eyes squeezed closed, sending a bright flash of light out from her fist. Cairo stumbles back, rubbing his eyes.

“Childish tricks!” he shouts, blindly sending a magic blast. Hunter tries to quietly dodge because it ended up coming his way.

“Come on, Twila,” he whispers, watching Cairo blink to get his vision back.

“Ignite!” Twila yells again, flashing another bright light.

“Again!” Cairo growls.

“Break it down, set us on ground!” she calls out, slamming her palm against the ground. A cracking sound spreads throughout the arena.

“No!” Cairo shouts, starting to blindly charge her.

“Ignite!” she desperately yells again before running to a different spot. “Break it down, set us on ground!”

“Break it down, set us on ground,” Hunter whispers, copying her. He hits his palm against the arena floor and cracks start to form.

“You can’t run forever!” Cairo shouts at Twila trying to squint to see her.

“Break it down, set us on ground!”

“Your magic is weak!” he insults, sending an energy blast her way. “Give it up!”

“Not today, take him away!” Twila desperately calls, pointing at Cairo as he counters the spell. “Not today, take him away! Not today, take him away!” Cairo laughs as he’s able to resist her spell.

“Break it down, set us on ground,” Hunter whispers again, finally breaking the arena and sending them falling the few feet to the ground. The momentary distraction is enough for Twila’s magic to overcome Cairo, sending him vanishing back to his hotel room.

“It’s unbelievable, make me visible,” he states, flashing back into form. He runs over to Twila with wide eyes. “That was incred-”

“I told you not to help me!” she yells, interrupting him. He stands there and lets her scold him as he looks at her in awe. “It’s too dangerous! He can’t know you can use magic! I had it under control. I’ve fought him before, although he is-”

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Hunter blurts out, cutting her off. She freezes and blinks at him a few times.

“W-what?” she manages to squeak out.

“You were incredible! You’re so talented! I knew you were awesome, but that…that was…you were…” he gestures with his arms as he tries to find the words, finally sighing and taking her hands. “You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met, and I don’t want to lose you. PLEASE come with us. And…be my girlfriend?”

“I…um…it’s too dangerous,” Twila repeats herself.

“After what I just saw, I’m not worried,” Hunter laughs.

“He won’t stop,” she adds.

“And you won’t be alone anymore,” he counters.

“He’s only going to get more powerful.”

“And we’ll have your back.”

“I don’t speak French.”

“That’s…easy to learn.”

“It will onl-”

“Twila,” Hunter stops her. “Are you making excuses to convince yourself? Because you’re not convincing me. Stop worrying about me and my family. We want you to come. We’ll take the risk. What do you WANT?” She meets his gaze, truly studying his expression, and finally breaks into a smile.

“I want to come, and…” she states quietly. He takes a breath and smiles back at her.


“And…yes!” she adds, then squeezes him in a tight hug before he can respond. “Girlfriend! I think girlfriend sounds nice.” He squeezes her back tighter, not able to stop smiling, then picks her up and spins her around.

“Yes!” the blond boy exclaims as his brunette girlfriend laughs. “Let’s go share the news!”

“And you know, let them know we’re okay?” Twila adds as she loops her arm through his. She takes a deep breath as if to steady herself after what just happened before they walk back to the Charm family.

“We’re going to France!” Hunter exclaims once they’re in hearing distance again. He swiftly turns and scoops Twila into his arms. “With my GIRLFRIEND!”

“Okay, what the heck happened out there?” Jamie laughs, hugging Twila as the family greets the official couple.

End of Part 1

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