Charmed – Chapter 6 – First Date

Charmed Chapter 6 First Date

While finally on an official first date with Twila, Hunter learns a surprising fact about her.

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“Just a little further,” Hunter urges, gently leading Twila up a grassy hill.

“Where are we going?” Twila laughs, trying to keep her eyes closed. Hunter finally stops and turns around.

“Official first date,” he states. “I figured I’d make it special. You can open your eyes.”

Twila opens her gray eyes and gasps. A picnic bench full of food sits under a beautiful tree. The tree is lit up; its branches adorned with twinkly lights. She takes the scene in, realizing they can watch the sunset from here, before turning to her date.

“You did all this? For me?” she asks in disbelief. Hunter shrugs and fixes his navy suit jacket.

“I wanted it to be perfect,” he admits. She meets his gray eyes and shyly looks away, so Hunter clears his throat and gestures at the table. “Shall we?”

“Yes! Um, let’s sit,” Twila agrees. Twila heads toward the table, but Hunter hangs back for a moment. He stretches his fingers, and his fingertips start to glow.

“Make this food taste sublime, I’m tired of eating on a dime,” Hunter whispers, pointing his hand at the food. He quickly shakes the magic from his fingertips, runs a hand through his short, blond hair, and follows Twila.

“Oh my goodness, Hunter!” Twila replies, looking at all the food as she sits. Her excitement overcoming her nerves for now. “This is quite the spread!”

“It’s-it’s just a couple of my favorites,” he jokes. Twila laughs and picks up a bite-size hors d’oeuvre, holding it up.

“Cheers to first dates?” she announces with a shy grin. He picks up one of the same and taps hers.

“Cheers,” he echoes. They eat them at the same time, and Twila reaches for her napkin but accidentally knocks it on the ground.

“Oops.” She bends over to grab it and notices her gray sundress is snagged on the bench and ripping a hole. “Aw dang. Okay. Dress in a snag, fix in a snap.” She snaps her glowing fingers, and her dress frees itself, magically mending the hole.

“Are you okay?” Hunter asks as Twila sits back up.

“Never better,” she replies, smiling at him. “Oh, uh, you have something on your…uh, right there…” She points out a crumb on his face.

“Oh, thanks,” he says, wincing. He purposefully drops his napkin. “Oops.” While reaching down to get it, he whispers, “Ease my mind, moment rewind.” He sits back up and quickly wipes his face off as Twila is just retrieving her napkin off the ground like before.

“Are you okay?” he asks again.

“Never better,” she repeats, smiling at him. “This is really fun. A perfect date.”

“It could be better, you know, I’d like to take you out somewhere real nice,” Hunter admits, looking down at the food. “If you are interested in a second date, that is. Not that we’ve made it very far into the first date. I’m just saying in the future…if there is a future. Not…like…anything super serious of a future or anything.” Twila stops listening to him ramble, and her eyes grow wide as she sees a group of hikers headed in their direction.

“It’s already awkward enough,” Twila whispers to herself. She nods at Hunter’s statement. “Mmhmm, I think this is nice though. Oh, Hunter, I think your phone is ringing.” As Hunter looks in his pocket, Twila waves her hand under the table. “Not today, take them away,” she whispers. The group abruptly turns back to head the other way on the trail, and Twila breathes a sigh of relief.

“No, it wasn’t my phone. Did you say something?”

“What? Nope, I’m good,” Twila giggles nervously. She picks up her drink and looks around. Hunter does too, and suddenly notices a fat spider crawling on the table.

“Oh, please no,” Hunter groans.

“What’s up?”

“Um…whoa! Look at the sunset right now!” Hunter exclaims, pointing toward the hills. Twila turns to look, and Hunter whirls his hand over the table. “Remove the crawl, deter the flap, and ban them all.” He nervously looks at Twila who is just turning back around to see if she notices as the spider disappears.

“Uh oh,” Twila comments as the breeze picks up. It rattles a few objects on the table and manages to knock over Hunter’s drink.

“Say it ain’t so, make it H2O,” Hunter tries to whisper as the drink splashes across the table toward Twila. She tries to jump out of the way, but manages to get her perfectly curled, brown hair in her own drink.

“Don’t despair, fix the hair and make it-” Twila starts to say, but as she tries to stand and back up, she trips over the picnic bench. “-blue!” Twila accidentally spits the word out as she tumbles over backwards. “No! I mean true!”

“Whoa,” Hunter whispers as he freezes, looking at his date.

“Uh oh…” Twila mumbles. She said that last spell a little louder…and wrong. Her hair is now blue, and her fingertips are glowing.

“Uh…haha, I…uh, used hair dye this morning, it must have had a delayed effect,” she stutters. When Hunter keeps staring at her, she just gives up. “Who am I kidding? Time to go.” She jumps up and starts waving her hand around.

“Wait!” Hunter shouts, running around the table.

“Time to go, take me-hey!” she breaks off as Hunter grabs her wrist.

“Wait,” he urges. “Please?”

“Let go, I’ve already ruined this. I need to go,” she pleads. He lets go and gives her a guilty look as he steps back, waving his own glowing fingertips in the air.

“Don’t despair, fix the hair and make it blue.” His hair turns blue to match hers.

“You…?” Twila whispers, looking at him in shock. He nods and shrugs, giving her a little grin.

“I knew there was something special about you,” he claims, holding out his hand. Twila sighs, and her fingertips stop glowing. She takes his hand, letting him lead her back to the table.

“I was just trying to fix little stuff,” she admits, taking her hand back and wrapping her arms around her midsection. “Uh, I just…really wanted this to go perfectly.” Hunter gently smiles as Twila ashamedly stares at the ground.

“I was doing the same thing,” Hunter admits as well. Twila looks up again and can’t help but smile at his blue hair. He catches her and strikes a pose. “I think I look good in blue.”

“You do! You do!” she laughs. “So I guess we say, ‘no more magic for the night?’”

“Why not?” he counters. “How about, ‘no more hiding magic from each other?’” He turns to the direction of the wind and waves his hand. “Stop the breeze, so we can eat in peace.” The wind instantly calms in their area. He jokingly bows and gestures for Twila to sit back down, causing her to laugh and curtsy to him.

“Let’s start over,” Hunter states with a smile at his date. “I’m Hunter, and I can use magic.”

“I’m Twila, also can use magic, and really impressed with how you’re handling this.” She copies him as he picks up another hors d’oeuvre.

“Cheers to first dates?” Hunter laughs, tapping her hors d’oeuvre with his and making her smile.


To be continued…

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