Charmed – Chapter 5 – Luau

Charmed Chapter 5 Luau

Twila and Hunter seem nervous around each other at the luau, forcing Jamie to play cupid.

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The Charm family and Leia walk to where they said they would meet Twila for the luau. Hunter trails at the back, deep in thought, causing Jamie and Leia to keep glancing back at him.

“Let’s roll the dice, give me a patch of ice,” Jamie whispers and points at the ground a few feet in front of Hunter. He doesn’t notice and hits the patch in full stride. In one swift motion, his legs are out from under him sending him crashing onto the pavement.

“Jamie!” the blond boy exclaims, frowning at her as he stands and escapes her prank.

“Lighten up, oh tall one,” Jamie teases. She waves her glowing fingers, and the ice disappears.

“You looked like you were pretty deep in a sea of thought,” Leia jokes. Her sleek black hair is in a braid. “Come up for air every once in a while.”

“Whatcha thinking about?” Jamie asks.

“Twila,” he admits with a shrug.

“Oh really? Because she’s right behind you!” Leia states, pointing behind Hunter.

“Wha-oh!” Hunter turns around but sees no one, then turns back to glare at the girls.

“Good one,” Jamie compliments as she high fives Leia.

“Very funny,” he retorts, brushing past them to walk ahead.

“I love that we all match!” Mrs. Charm exclaims to her husband. “And look! Twila even wore red to blend with us!” Hunter looks past his family’s matching shirts and dresses to see Twila waiting for them in a halter sundress the same tropical red as the flowers on their clothing.

“You guys all look so cute,” Twila comments, grinning at the family. Her gray gaze meets Hunter’s, and she blushes, looking away. Jamie clears her throat and nudges Hunter, but he stands frozen to his spot.

“Wow, you look really nice, Twila. Hunter, doesn’t Twila look nice?” Leia urges.

“Thank you, Leia,” Jamie mutters. Twila blushes harder and almost hides behind Mrs. Charm.

“Y-yeah, you look…good, uh, great, Twila,” Hunter says, grinning at her.

“Do you think you girls could do my hair like that? It’s so pretty,” Mrs. Charm asks sweetly, interrupting the awkwardness to gesture at Leia and Twila. Twila’s brown hair is in a braid not quite as long as Leia’s black one.

“Sure! We could do both of you,” Leia exclaims, gesturing at both Jamie and Mrs. Charm’s blonde hair.

“Yeah, then we’d all match even more,” Twila agrees, brightening at the thought.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving,” Mr. Charm urges. “Let’s go get our seats.”

As they walk to the table, Jamie notices Twila is hovering closer to her than to Hunter. Glancing over at the table, she sees her dad and brother sit on one side of the table while her mom sits on the other. She quickly shoves Leia next to her mom and practically jumps into the end seat.

“That’s your seat, Twila,” Jamie states innocently, pointing at the spot next to Hunter. As Twila sits down, Hunter greets her with a small smile.

“I thought your mom said he was going to ask her on a date,” Leia whispers as the food comes around.

“He’s supposed to!” Jamie sighs in frustration. “It’s awkward for all of us!”

Throughout dinner, Jamie notices Hunter and Twila start to relax and open up, but as music starts to play and people get up to dance, they both grow quiet again. Their group moves to watch the dancers as the sun sets, and Mr. Charm pointedly looks at Leia and Jamie, tilting his head toward Twila as he grabs Hunter.

“Come on, Hunter. Loosen up!” his dad laughs.

“I don’t think-” Hunter objects, but his dad practically shoves him onto the dance floor.

“Let’s go, Twila!” Jamie urges. She and Leia grab Twila’s hands and pull her toward the dancers.

“I’m really not that good,” Twila admits, but she starts to relax as Jamie and Leia show off their own crazy dance moves. She’s letting loose a little when Jamie purposefully bumps her in the direction of Hunter. She collides with him before regaining her balance.

“I’m so sorry,” she states, grabbing his arm to steady him.

“You seem to keep falling for me,” Hunter replies, smiling at her. Then overthinks his comment. “Not that it’s…! Just…be-cause you’ve bumped into me before? Haha, at the pool?”

“Right!” Twila agrees, laughing nervously. “At least…you’ve been there to catch me, haha.”

“Seriously?” Jamie whispers to Leia, smacking her forehead with her palm again. “We set him up perfect, and that’s the line he goes with?”

“At least he found someone as awkward as he is,” Leia whispers back. “Hopefully it won’t always be like this.”

The next day, the family is going kayaking. Leia, Jamie, and her parents claim the single kayaks, pointing out a double kayak for Twila and Hunter. Everything is going smoothly until Hunter tips the kayak, dumping them both in the water.

Afterwards, they get ice cream. Jamie pretends to trip into Hunter, making him drop his cone. Twila blushes furiously as she offers to share hers with him. They look cute sharing the ice cream until they fumble over who’s holding it, and Twila ends up dropping that cone as well.

A breeze picks up after lunch, and Jamie glares at Hunter until he realizes he should offer Twila his extra shirt to wear over her tank top and shorts. Twila smiles at him as he offers, but right when he takes his outer shirt off to give to her, a big gust whips through and snatches it right out of his hand. It sails down the walkway, and Hunter sprints after it.

“That’s it!” Jamie exclaims, walking into their room at the resort. “They are hopeless. Hopeless!”

“Wow, Jamie, you’ve really been putting in a lot of effort,” her mom comments, pretending to look shocked.

“Hunter needs a girlfriend!” Jamie urges.

“Right, because he’s scared away so many boys for you while you’ve been playing matchmaker,” Leia teases, and Jamie huffs in response.

“I don’t think that’s the reason anymore. Why are you helping them?” Mrs. Charm asks.

“Because…because…” Jamie trails off.

“It’s because she’s nice, isn’t it?” Mrs. Charm laughs, smiling at Jamie. “She’s fun, sweet, and perfect for him.” Jamie nods with a sigh.

“And he’s butchering it!” she exclaims. She crosses her arms and glares at Hunter as he walks in.

“Are we ready for-” he starts to ask.

“No!” Jamie cuts him off. She walks to stand in front of him, gesturing exaggeratedly with her hands. “WE are going to the pool. YOU are going on a date with Twila, so I don’t have to keep being cupid.”

“What?” he scoffs in response.

“You either man up or she gets…gets cut from the group,” Jamie resolves.

“Aw, Jamie, no,” Leia protests.

“Your sister is right. It’s a little awkward between you,” his mom urges.

“Oh…right…” Hunter nods, his gray eyes suddenly anxious.

Back at her room in the resort, Twila freshens up before meeting back up with the Charms. She opens the door right as Hunter starts knocking, causing them both to jump.

“Whoa! Hi,” Hunter exclaims.

“Hi! Am I late?” she asks, nervously.

“Uh, no, no,” Hunter urges, even more nervous. “They’re just…just headed to the pool, but…” Twila looks at him expectantly, and he takes a deep breath. “I thought may-maybe we could…do something else? Together?” He pulls a rose from behind his back and presents it to her. She slowly smiles at him and steps outside, closing the door behind her and taking the flower from him.

“Oh! Uh, what…what did you have in mind?” she shyly asks. He smiles as she twirls the flower.

“It’s a, uh, surprise,” Hunter responds. “Do you trust me?”

“I just met you,” she points out. His face falls as he nods understandingly, but she gives him a teasing grin from behind the flower. “But yes, yes I do, actually.”

“Great,” he sighs with relief. “Then follow me.”

To be continued…

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