Charmed – Chapter 4 – Getting to Know

Charmed Chapter 4 Getting To Know

Twila joins the Charm family, getting to know them better, but Hunter wants to know why.

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The next morning, the Charms wait for Twila in front of the restaurant for breakfast. She shyly walks up and taps Hunter on the shoulder causing the blond boy to flip out and trip into his dad.

“Goodmorning!” Twila says brightly, trying to hide her nerves.

“Goodmorning,” Mrs. Charm responds. “I’m Clara, Hunter’s mom.”

“Nice to meet you,” Twila politely greets her. She turns to the other teens, giving them a little wave. “Hi, Jamie! And Leia, right? You’re both really pretty.”

“Thank you,” Jamie says, slightly in shock.

“Annnd, I’m Andre,” Mr. Charm states.

“Everyone, this…this is Twila,” Hunter announces, finally recovered.

“It’s nice to see you again,” Twila awkwardly greets Hunter.

“You…you too,” Hunter quietly responds, rubbing the back of his neck.

“They’re gonna need help,” Jamie whispers to Leia, face-palming as her friend seriously nods in agreement.

Throughout breakfast, Twila learns more about the Charm family, and she eagerly listens to their vacation stories so far. Soon the conversation turns to her.

“So, who was that guy bothering you yesterday?” Mr. Charm asks.

“Oh, um, just some random guy that wouldn’t stop talking to me,” she answers vaguely, fiddling with her brown braid. “Thanks for helping with that.”

“If he ever bothers you again, just come find one of us,” Hunter offers.


“Not that you have to!” he backpedals. “I’m just…offering my, uh, our help. If you need it.”

“The next thing we’re doing is surf lessons, and it was too late to add a reservation, honey, I’m sorry,” Mrs. Charm informs, apologetically looking between Hunter and Twila.

“Oh, that is totally fine, I do not need to learn how to surf,” Twila urges.

“That’s what I said, but apparently it’s mandatory for me,” Jamie jokes, and Mrs. Charm gives her daughter a look. Twila watches the blond woman’s subtle actions with an amused smile.

“You can still come watch if you’re bored,” Hunter offers, turning to Twila with a shrug. “If you’re looking for something to do.”

“I’ll come to as many things as you want me to come to,” she states with a grin, but Hunter notices anxiety in her gray eyes.

An hour later, Twila sits on the beach watching the Charm family and Leia try to surf. Jamie barely gets up but takes a particularly hard tumble back into the waves causing Twila to rush over just as she stumbles onto the beach.

“You okay?” Twila calls. Jamie nods but plants her surfboard in the ground.

“I don’t know who thought this would be fun,” she huffs. She sits in the sand, and Twila sits next to her.

“Well, at least you’re getting a good tan,” Twila encourages, trying to make her feel better. Jamie slowly grins, then turns to her.

“You know, that’s so true,” Jamie agrees. “Maybe this isn’t so bad.” They sit in silence for a moment, watching the waves, before Twila turns searching gray eyes to her new friend.

“Do you mind me tagging along?”

“It’s a little weird cuz we JUST met you,” Jamie admits. She sees Twila’s face fall and quickly adds, “But you seem cool and it keeps Hunter distracted and out of my hair.” They laugh together for a minute before Jamie gives Twila a serious look. “Do you like him?”

“Am-am I on the record?” Twila jokes, mustering a nervous smile.

“Psh, I don’t tell my brother anything,” Jamie laughs, trying to get her to relax. “I just like knowing something that he doesn’t.”

“Haha!” Twila chuckles quietly. “Well, then…yeah, he’s really charming.”

Out in the water, Hunter waits for a wave next to his mom. He nervously glances at the beach as he sees Twila and his sister talking.

“Hunter, they’re fine. Don’t you want your sister to be friends with someone you’re interested in?” Mrs. Charm states.

“Of course, but not yet,” Hunter whines. “I’m worried what Jamie is telling her.”

“I get it, you’re nervous around her,” his mom says. “You only met her yesterday, sweetie. As much fun as it’s been having her around, maybe you should take her on an actual date. Get to really know each other and see if it’s worth putting this much time into on a family vacation.” Hunter smiles at his mom and nods.

His frown returns as soon as she leaves. Lost in thought, he misses the next wave and catches the attention of his dad. Mr. Charm swims over and knocks on his board.

“Earth to Hunter!” he calls. Hunter jerks in surprise, falling off his board. “What’s on your mind?”

“Who is that guy she’s worried about?” Hunter sighs as he climbs back on his board. “I get the feeling that she knows him, and she’s just tagging along because there’s safety in numbers.”

“I’m sure that’s not the only reason,” his dad encourages him. “But if it makes you feel better, she’s protected for now.”

“What do you mean?” Hunter asks, confused.

“She has a spell shell on her.”

“You used magic on her!”

“It won’t last forever,” his dad cautions.

“How long do we have?” Hunter questions, urgently looking at his dad.

“If it’s not under stress, it should last about a month,” his dad explains, splashing some water on his arms to cool down. “If he’s some sort of wizard and tries to counter it, it might last a week.”

“Why would he be a wizard?” Hunter looks back at the beach again to check on Twila.

“No reason. It’s just a habit to think of both sides,” Mr. Charm smiles, then quickly paddles away. Hunter watches Twila and Jamie greet his mom coming out of the water. He breathes a sigh of relief that Twila seems at ease for now.

“What happens when vacation is over?” Hunter sighs to himself.

To be continued…

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