Charmed – Chapter 2 – Date Jitters

Charmed Chapter 2 Date Jitters

Hunter is struggling with date jitters, but will the mystery girl even show?

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“Did you see that? I saved her!” Hunter is exclaiming to their parents as he walks away from the pool he just climbed out of. Jamie and Leia walk up next to him.

“Technically-” Jamie starts to object but her mom stops her with a look.

“Nice going, bud! I did see that! You are the man!” Mr. Charm exclaims. He and Hunter fist bump.

“That’s nice, dear, but who was she?” Mrs. Charm asks.

“I don’t know,” Hunter says wistfully, staring after the girl. She rings out her brown braid as she walks back to the main resort building.

“Earth to Hunter,” Jamie calls. “She probably just wanted to make a scene. I’d check your pockets for your wallet.”

“Don’t talk about her like that,” Hunter retorts. He pulls his soaked wallet out of his pocket. “It’s right here. And I’ll use it to buy her a smoothie tonight,” he says smugly, giving the leather square a quick shake. More water than usual flies off, sprinkling Jamie and Leia, before he puts it back in his soaked pocket. Then he nervously looks in the direction the girl walked. “If she shows up.”

“That’s my boy!” Mr. Charm exclaims.

“I thought we were going to a luau tonight,” Leia whines. Hunter’s jaw drops, and he whips around to stare at his sister’s friend.

“It’s okay, you forgot. You know, there is another luau tomorrow night that we can go to instead. It’ll all work out. We can hang out by the pool tonight,” Mrs. Charm states.

“What?” Jamie exclaims. “I wanted to go to an ice cream shop for breakfast and it’s the end of the world, but we can change our whole vacation plans for Hunter to wait for a girl who he doesn’t even know will show up!”

“Honey, your brother hasn’t had much luck with dates. Try and help him out here,” Mrs. Charm points out. Hunter looks annoyingly at his mom, and Jamie reluctantly nods in agreement.

“I’m gonna go change. I’ll meet you all near the boats, since that’s what we’re doing next,” Hunter states, rushing off to dry clothes.

“Well, that was exciting,” Jamie states sarcastically, tossing her blonde ponytail over her shoulder.

“Kids, go save our place in line, I’m going to get your mom a smoothie for the road,” their dad suggests.

“Aw, that sounds nice,” their mom replies as Leia and Jamie wander off. Their parents head to the cabana bar, but on the way, Mr. Charm pulls his wife aside.

“So I’m not sure, and I don’t know, definitely haven’t seen enough, I think, maybe-” Mr. Charm starts to whisper.

“Just spit it out, dear. What are you saying?” Mrs. Charm encourages.

“I didn’t see enough, but I think that girl might have magic of some kind,” he admits. His wife’s gray eyes light up, and he puts up a hand. “No, now, don’t tell Hunter that. I don’t want to influence him one way or another. But we’ll just have to watch.”

Out on the fishing boat, all three teenagers look miserable while their parents are enjoying themselves way too much.

“Okay, the sun’s starting to go down, let’s head back,” Hunter loudly suggests.

“Yup, time to head back,” Leia agrees way too eagerly.

“Why? Can’t be late for your date?” Jamie taunts. Hunter sighs and glares at her. She crosses her arms and smirks back. “Hunter’s got a cru-ush. Hunter’s got a cru-ush.”

“Shut up, Jamie,” he argues.

Back at the resort, Hunter rushes them through dinner then back to the pool. As the evening wears on, Hunter paces by the pool while his family watches him from around one of the nearby firepits.

“This is just painful,” Leia comments, following Hunter’s movements with her brown eyes.

“What do you mean? This is going to be so much fun,” Jamie states, cracking her knuckles and shaking out her fingers. “We could make or break his night. He owes us.”

“Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa,” Mr. Charm cuts in. “We’re not using magic to help or hurt Hunter with his date jitters. He could use the help, but we need to let him do this on his own. I’m looking at you, Jamie.” He points a finger at his daughter, and she lets the glow fade from her fingertips.

“All I did was help her slip on an already slippery pool deck and fall into Hunter’s arms. I could have made her slip forward and face plant into concrete…so I thought I chose the right option!” Jamie defends.

“The right option is no magic,” Mrs. Charm reminds them.

“So we can still try to sabota-I mean, uh, help Hunter without magic?” Jamie asks. Her parents exchange a look.

“Let’s just watch and see where this goes,” Mr. Charm states, running a hand through his gray hair. Jamie smiles and leans back.

“He didn’t say no,” she smiles at Leia.

“Honey, have you thought this through?” Mrs. Charm asks Jamie, earning a confused look from her daughter. “This girl could be really nice and could be a new friend for you.”

“She’s interested in my brother,” Jamie points out. “It’s just too weird.”

“Well, if Hunter has his attention on her then he will probably stop scaring away the boys you try to talk to,” Mrs. Charm comments innocently. She smiles as her daughter turns to her friend quickly.

“Leia, new plan,” Jamie states. Hunter keeps pacing and pacing and finally strides back over to his family.

“She’s not coming. She’s not coming,” he huffs, sitting down next to his dad.

“Man, you are a wreck,” his sister points out.

“Hunter, I think you spoke too soon,” Mrs. Charm says.

“Why?” he replies.

“Why, because it’s only 9 o’clock, it just got dark, and he’s been pacing and scaring everybody away from the pool?” Jamie jokes. Suddenly, Hunter practically jumps into his father’s lap.

“She came! She’s here. What do I do?” he exclaims. Mr. Charm pushes his son off him and pries his shoulder away from his grasp. Hunter keeps staring across the pool until his dad grabs his attention.

“Just go say hi. Relax. It’s just normal human interaction,” his dad encourages. Hunter nods and straightens up, but then trips on his first step.

“You got this, honey,” Mrs. Charm states.

“Don’t be stupid or annoying!” Jamie calls after him. “If you know how!” Hunter throws a glare back over his shoulder but almost runs into a pool attendee while he isn’t looking forward. He throws another glare over his shoulder before turning to face his date.

To be continued…

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