Charmed – Chapter 1 – The Pool

Charmed Chapter 1 The Pool

Magic, a pool, and someone getting tackled.

“Well, it’s so nice to see all you kids having such a good time,” Mrs. Charm exclaims as they walk by the pool. She strolls arm in arm with her gray-haired husband at the front of the group.

“Sure, yeah, today was fun, but I still don’t know why we had to book this resort when there’s an entire list of hidden magic resorts,” Hunter remarks, crossing his arms. “Magic makes everything better.” The tall, blond eighteen year old walks behind his parents along with his younger sister Jamie and their friend Leia.

“Hunter, you know that we just wanted a normal vacation on a normal part of the island doing normal things,” Mr. Charm answers. “A break from magic won’t kill you.”

“I would just like to announce that it’s killing me,” Jamie jokes, holding up her hand. Her long ponytail is dirty blonde just like her mom’s.

“At least you got to bring Leia,” Hunter points out with a huff.

“Yeah, I’m way better than magic,” Leia states with a grin, tossing her sleek, black hair over her shoulder. Jamie tilts her head and starts to object, but Leia cuts her off. “Just agree with me, Jamie. You’re stuck with me for a week. Give me this one.” Jamie rolls her gray eyes, and the conversation continues, but she doesn’t follow. Instead, her attention wanders to a confrontation nearby.

“What the…” Jamie whispers.

“Stop,” a girl orders to the man next to her. He keeps talking and following her. “Go away!” The girl moves quickly away from him. Jamie notices the girl will probably intersect with the Charm family if she doesn’t stop.

“Don’t leave,” the man in the black, wide brimmed hat pleads. He grabs the girl’s arm.

“Let go!” the girl growls. She yanks her arm, obviously expecting to have to wrench her appendage from the man’s grasp, but he lets go. The strength with which she yanks her arm away makes her stumble and propels her toward Jamie. Jamie quickly stops, grabs Leia, and steps out of the way, but Hunter keeps walking, completely clueless. The girl stumbles further and trips into Hunter, catapulting them both into the pool.

“Hunter!” Jamie calls.

“Oh my word!” Mrs. Charm exclaims.

“I give that dive a five, there is way too much splashing going on,” Leia jokes. Both Hunter and the girl surface, sputtering.

“I am so sorry! I am so, so s…” the girl apologizes, trailing off once she looks at Hunter’s face.

“Yeah, you should b-” Hunter starts to scold, but stops short when he meets the girl’s gray gaze. “-shouldn’t be. It’s totally fine. Totally fi-” He breaks off again from swallowing water because he forgot to keep treading water. She gives him a little smile.

“Friend, let me help you!” the man she was talking to exclaims, rushing to the poolside and reaching toward the girl.

“No!” she exclaims, treading water further away from him. “Leave me alone!” With that, she starts to swim to the opposite side of the pool and the shallow end. Hunter turns to the guy and grabs his arm just as the man is about to rush around to meet her on the other side.

“Don’t,” he demands. “Leave her alone.” He lets go of the man’s arm and swims after the girl. Mr. Charm backs the man away from the pool by putting his hand on the man’s chest.

“Dude, back off,” he says sternly. The man looks him in the face, glances over at Hunter and the girl, then turns and leaves.

“That was so weird,” Mrs. Charm states, watching the man walk away.

“Yeah, I know right? Hunter didn’t even get mad; those are his favorite shoes,” Leia exclaims, facing toward the pool.

“If I had pushed him in, he would have spelled my clothes to be eternally soaked for a week,” Jamie notes, crossing her arms.

“Haha, I remember when he did that,” Leia laughs. Jamie shoots her a look, but starts to smile as well.

“Come on, let’s go see if they’re okay,” Mr. Charm says, urging them to rush around the pool.

In the shallow end, the girl just gets close enough to where her feet touch so she can walk before Hunter catches up to her.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asks. She quickly turns around, almost scared, before she realizes it’s him.

“Oh, yeah, I guess,” she huffs, looking down at her soaked, gray sundress. She looks back at him as they slowly wade through to the stairs. “Look, I am so sorry. I really didn’t mean to. How can I make it up to you?”

“It’s okay, it’s fine, really, I’m not mad,” Hunter urges.

“I’ll…I’ll…I can buy you a new set of clothes,” she offers, climbing the steps. Suddenly, she slips, falling backward. Hunter quickly catches her.

A little ways away, Leia looks over at her friend with a glare. “Jamie,” she accuses. They just rounded the pool and stopped in the shade while Jamie’s dad went to grab towels.

“What?” Jamie replies, dusting off her hands with a mischievous grin as her fingertips glow with magic. “I’m trying to help him out.” They return to watching the scene unfold as Mrs. Charm keeps walking towards the couple.

“I am so sorry, again,” the girl laughs nervously. Hunter sets her back on her feet and offers his hand to help her up the steps. “I can walk up stairs, I promise.” But she accepts his help anyway.

“There. All safe on dry ground,” Hunter states with a smile, looking very ruffled and soaked, but happy. “Are you sure you’re okay?” The girl smiles up at his happy, gray eyes and dripping, short, blond hair.

“Yeah, you’ve been great. I’m, um, fine. I’m sorry again for everything,” she repeats. “You probably never want to see me again, embarrassing you in front of everyone, so thank you and goodbye.” She starts to walk around him, but Hunter steps in front of her, careful not to make her feel trapped like the other guy.

“That’s…not, uh, not true,” he stutters. His nerves suddenly getting to him as he looks into the girl’s big, gray eyes, but he still tries to string words together. “I-I’d love to…see you again. Talk sometime. Um, tonight?” He points at her, then looks around. “Uh, here?” He gestures at the pool, but notices she hasn’t responded. “Uh, if you don’t want to, you know, that’s totally fine, but…uh, if you do, then I’ll be here. You…you can find me, um, here haha.” He shuts up before he can keep rambling and gives her an embarrassed grin. The girl nods with a small smile tugging at her lips and starts to walk away, just as Mrs. Charm walks up.

“Are you okay, honey?” Mrs. Charm asks, spooking the girl again.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good, I’m just…need to change. I’ll-I’ll be fine,” the girl stammers to the blonde lady and keeps walking. She takes her sandals off and sighs. Mr. Charm walks by and hands her a few towels, but keeps walking towards Hunter.

He turns back to say something to the girl, but she’s already walking away. The girl gives her sandals one good bounce, and an unusual amount of water sprinkles off, leaving the leather suddenly dry. Mr. Charm stops and looks at the sandals with a curious and confused look, but turns around and keeps walking.

To be continued…

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