About Sincerely Sparky

Who Is Sparky?

Hi. It’s me. My name is Ariel, and I’m the one creating this world! On this page, you can find out fun facts about me.

I’m a writer, living on a ranch, married to “The Best” husband (don’t argue with me on this, you won’t win), with two cats and three horses. Just a normal girl.

A horseback riding, baking, gluten-free, gamer, author girl who loves Jesus, knows how to weld, and dabbles in acting.

Totally boring.

Did I say weld?

My point is, I’m a creative wanting to share my creations.

I love writing and really enjoy creating stories. So far I have composed, edited, illustrated, formatted, and self-published a complete trilogy of Juvenile Fiction/Fantasy novels! I started writing my first book (Dragons In Avela) in Junior High and haven’t stopped writing since.

My books are called The Avela Trilogy and are published for sale on Amazon. You can order them and actually hold them. In your hands. A real book. By me.


I’ve been faithfully staring at a blank screen forgetting what words are (aka writing) since 2010. I’m always editing or in progress on new books, game character designs, and script ideas…and I have some pretty big plans for some of them. But a lot of my short stories or snippets just stay in my archive folder. No plans for them. Never to be read. Never to bring people joy.

Just creating worlds over here with no one to share them with.

This platform is a way to release them into the world for your enjoyment. Now they’re all gathered under Stories and hopefully keeping you entertained.

So here we are. You’re wondering about me, and I’m wondering about you! Send me an email on the Contact page and tell me what your favorite story is on here, give me some ideas to write about, or share your story with me. I’d love to hear from you!

I hope you enjoy the content and stick around!



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